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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Unlimited Music Downloads – Review of Music Download Sites

Unlimited Music Downloads – Review of Music Download Sites

We have reviewed a number of membership sites that offer almost unlimited music downloads based on the criterion discussed in the earlier post – the ease of use for the member interface, download speeds, range of music selection, etc. Here’s our verdict on the top 3 sites that emerged winners in all aspects. All offer one-year, two-year and lifetime memberships. The files are also compatible with most MP3 players including iPod.

DownloadMusicNew – Our No.1 Choice for Unlimited Music Downloads


This site, Download Music New offers more than 100 million songs, music MP3 on top of tons of movies and game files. You can access to tons of latest MP3, WAV, live concerts, movies, music videos and TV shows. It is completely safe to download from this site because it is free from adware and spyware. Even the CD/DVD covers are available for download. Free software such as antivirus software, pop-up ad killer, etc are provided. It is a speed demon when it comes to downloading the music files. 1-year membership costs $29.88, while 2-year membership costs $34.98. Best value package is the 3-year membership at $44.91 for access to unlimited music downloads.

Why We Like This Unlimited Music Downloads Site

The collection of music files is the largest around. We thought we will not find the latest music MP3 in the market. Well, we are wrong. The download site is constantly updated and stocked up with the latest music MP3s and new releases of movies. The user interface was smooth and absolutely dummy-proof. Instruction manual offers simple step-by-step instructions on how to search, download and play the music, movie and game files. This is supposed to be a music downloads site only, but we definitely are getting more for our bucks, with the bonus software, movie and games. We also found our favorite music videos and movies. It was an enjoyable experience to view those crystal-clear quality movies. Download Music New definitely deserves our thumbs-up for its excellent package.

Ares Ultra Pro – No.2 Choice for Unlimited Music Downloads


Ares Ultra Pro comes with a huge library of more than 80 million songs and movies. The download speeds are about 300 times faster than an average music download site. You will be able to find complete albums in the collection. Member interface and user guides are easy to follow and use. We understand that more than 50 million users are already using their system to download music daily. The beauty of this music download site is the ability to search for a few titles simultaneously, without wasting time. The software bundle offered includes a DVD-to-CD software that allows you to copy your DVDs to CDs, antivirus software and firewall. Costs of joining the music download site is $29.88 for 1-year membership, $32.88 for 2-year membership, and $34.95 for lifetime access.

Why We Like This Unlimited Music Downloads Site

Frankly, when we had to decide which would become our top pick for the best music download site, we struggled because in many ways, Ares Ultra Pro was on par with Download Music New. Ares Ultra Pro not only offers music, movies and games, they also offer ebooks for download. We simply love the generous software bundle provided. The software package alone is worth more than what we had to pay. We must also commend its excellent technical support. It definitely lives up to our expectations as the No. 2 download site.

UnlimitedDownloadCenter – No.3 Unlimited Music Downloads Site


This is one of our favorite sites for unlimited music and movie downloads. It is also one of the oldest music download sites around. Downloading speed is approximately 250 times faster than Kazaa. If you are building a huge collection of music MP3s, this is going to be important to you. There are over 15 million MP3s in their selection. The cost of joining for 1 year is $29.88; 2 years is $32.88 and for lifetime access is $34.95. The music downloads site also provide a whole suite of software that include a desktop movie player, Acoustica MP3 to WAV conversion software, CD/DVD burning software, movie/music organizer, firewall and other software.

Why We Like This Unlimited Music Downloads Site

As we have mentioned before, this is one of the longest standing music download sites around. It wasn’t difficult to find positive testimonials of users. Though the main website looks rather ordinary, the member interface is a breeze to use. Our experience with this site is a pleasant one. It didn’t take long to figure out how to search and download the music files. The customer service is also responsive. What can we say? No.3 is yours, UnlimitedDownloadCenter for unlimited music downloads.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Unlimited Music Downloads |Top Downloading Tips

Unlimited Music Downloads – Top Downloading Tips

Music downloads make the collection of favorite songs and music much easier for music lovers like us. I still remember the days when music was on tapes, then to CD and now to online music download sites. With more and more music download sites springing up, we are really spoilt for choice. Newer computers are all pre-installed with software like Real One, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc that are designed for unlimited music downloads.

There are also many freeware like MP3 Rocket, iMP3Tunes and similar P2P software for music, MP3, software, movies, games, documents and image downloads. Downloading music from the internet has never been easier than today.

Why download music online instead of buying physical CDs?

The answers are obvious.

Speed of Music Downloads

Music downloads are fast and you do not have to search the display racks for the title or CD you are looking for. You do not have to queue to pay.

Cost Effectiveness of Music Downloads

It is cheap and cost effective to buy music online. Pick and pay for only the songs you like and not buy a whole CD for the one favorite song you like.

Convenience of Music Downloads

It is also very convenient to search and find the songs you wish to download. Forget about compiling the music and songs one by one from a CD.

Quality & Ease of Use

Quality of music downloads is fabulous. With crystal-clear digital quality music in a common format like Windows Media Audio (WMA), the files can be downloaded, plugged and played. Song titles, music album titles, singer names are all organized systematically for you.

Unlimited music downloads sites have sprung up over the past year. Nowadays, with a low one-time membership fee, you can freely access to huge media libraries - millions of songs and music downloads both latest and oldies. Commercial music download services have obtained the rights and permission from music labels, ie the music creators to make the music and song files available for you to download for a fee.

What are the things you should look out for in the unlimited music downloads sites?

1. Per Download Fee or One Time Fee Only

Many download sites now offer close to unlimited music downloads for a one-time lifetime membership fee only.

2. Variety of Music Downloads

Is it multi-genre? If the choice is limited, try to look for another one until you are satisfied.

3. Quick Music Download Speeds

You do not want to wait too long for the music file transfers. There are some download sites which are speed demons. I will reveal them to you later.

4. Easy-to-use Member Interface

Obviously, you are more concerned with downloading your music to listen as soon as you can, than to dig through the user manual to read tons of download instructions. Once again, some sites have scored well in this aspect.

5. Excellent Testimonials

Reviews by customers are a sure way to tell if the music downloads site is worth considering.

6. 24/7 Responsive Technical Support

No gimmicky claims should be entertained. There have been complaints about several download sites which are unable to fulfill this. Fortunately, there are still good ones which deserve the thumbs-up.

Learn more in my next post about which membership sites scored well in all of the above and which are the top 3 sites for unlimited music downloads.

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Unlimited Music Downloads

Unlimited Music Downloads

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